Why LiftOff Learning?

Confidence and problem solving skills – Covered!

As a parent of three kids (two of them college age), I’m right there with you.  We all worry about our kids’ education and how any struggle will impact their ability to find future success.  I started LiftOff Learning because I understand the stress families face when school is a struggle. 

Personalized attention and support can alleviate the family stress of struggles at school.  Looking for a learning partner?  LiftOff Learning is ready to help. 

Our Services

Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring can be done in person or virtually.

Group Cohort Tutoring

Group cohorts are virtual and limited to six students

Distance Learning & Homeschool Coaching

Who knew we would even be talking about virtual learning pods, homeschooling or other alternatives for the fall back-to-school program? In this challenging time due to COVID, parents are looking for additional resources to provide direct instruction and support for their children. 

Liftoff learning offers families flexible online and in person coaching solutions to fit the needs of your child or your newly created learning pod.  This same approach works for homeschool groups too! Using the current district scope and sequence, we can jump right in and keep the kids learning.

LiftOff Learning is a great fit if your student…

  • Attends public, private, or a homeschool program and needs some extra help, or challenge, with learning
  • Benefits from a learning environment free of distractions often present in busy classrooms
  • Needs to improve executive functioning strategies (time management, organization, planning and prioritizing, and sustaining attention)

Clients like you are loving their LiftOff Learning Results


“What we appreciate most about working with Jenny is that she fully understands how our child learns and what is best for her. She knows the school curriculum and asks how her other subjects are going as well. This helps our child know that she truly cares about how she does in school.

I would recommend Jenny to everyone who is in need of a tutor. Her love of teaching, her patience with working with children, and her knowledge of the school curriculum makes LiftOff Learning the absolute perfect option for tutoring.”

~ Rita, parent of a 5th grader


“The best thing about tutoring is Miss Jenny.  She is a trusted adult in my life and she knows how I need help with something.  Sometimes I feel embarrassed about asking for help in class in front of everyone.  I’m more comfortable telling Miss Jenny I don’t know how to do something.

Now I am more willing to take risks and challenge myself to do hard things.  I used to hate reading, but now I’ve learned how to read harder words and new ways to choose books I like.  Now I’m reading the third book of a chapter series that I LOVE!”

~ Nora, 6th grade student

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