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Peace of mind for parents, cultivating confidence and problem solving skills for each student.

LiftOff Learning Methodology

Confidence and knowledge built simultaneously

Tailored strategies for content mastery

Focused on the long game of learning

Meet Jenny Hannack, Founder of LiftOff Learning

After 28 years as a public school teacher (K – 8) it is fair to say I have experienced a tremendous amount of change in our school system and our kids. Our younger generation is more independent, resourceful and has immediate access to any question they might have. Just ask Google!

With all of this advancement kids still struggle in school.

As a mother of a son diagnosed with ADHD I understand personally what it’s like to have a child who’s learning style isn’t a perfect match with the current structure of public education. I started LiftOff learning because I understand the limits of a public school and the needs of parents who are making alternative schooling choices. I’ve paired my bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a Masters of Education in Counseling to bring the best learning strategies alive for every learner.