Frequently Asked Questions

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Elementary and middle-school aged children.

Reading, math, writing and study skills.

Monday-Friday after school during the school year.

Daytime hours are available for homeschoolers, group cohorts and virtual learners as well as in the summer.

Currently in person tutoring sessions are conducted at the River Falls Public Library or Spring Valley Public Library in western Wisconsin. If you are closer to another public library in the area, I am open to meeting there. In addition, if these libraries are closed for any reason, we will agree on a convenient meeting place.

Online tutoring is done in the comfort of your home with secure Zoom meetings, using interactive technologies to make learning engaging.

A consultation with parents/guardians gives background regarding the child’s strengths and needs as well as past interventions or testing done in and outside of school.

An assessment is given to the student which pinpoints gaps in learning.  A report of these results and a suggested tutoring plan is then communicated with parents/guardians before initiating regular tutoring sessions.

Sessions are 55 minutes long with the last five minutes reserved for parent communication when needed.

After a FREE 30 minute phone consultation, an individualized assessment is scheduled for $125 which includes assessment, interpretation and written report with plan recommendations (optional for group sessions). Thereafter, tutoring sessions shall be charged based on the package chosen, payable on the first of each month.  Students starting in the middle of the month are prorated.

Fill out our consultation form here.  We will contact you to schedule your free consultation.