Educational Services

We can also help with virtual tutoring groups, coaching and homeschooling!

One on One Tutoring

Our 1:1 tutoring packages are perfect for the student that thrives in a one-to-one learning environment or is held back by learning challenges. During these sessions, your child will experience: 

  • Focused learning time without other agendas or distractions
  • Individualized attention and instruction that fits your student’s unique learning style
  • A safe and open learning environment to ask questions and get them answered honestly and in a timely manner
  • Dedicated attention, a listening ear, and celebrations of strengths and victories
  • A trusted place to connect when experiencing emotional and behavior challenges with strategies to help your child get unstuck and move forward

One-to-one tutoring is offered in-person or virtually.

Group Cohort Virtual Tutoring


Designed for your homeschool, hybrid, or distance learning student, our group cohort virtual tutoring service works for students looking for additional support due to lack of one-on-one instruction with a main instructor. During our group cohort sessions, your student will experience: 

  • Focused small group interaction that promotes collaboration, communication skills, and learning in one power-packed hour of instruction
  • Increased peer-level social interaction in a structured learning environment
  • Support for kids and their families navigating changing school options
  • A trusted professional working with your students who has experience in classroom management and school curriculum, all while you focus on your responsibilities

If you believe there’s value in learning from other people, then group cohort virtual tutoring may be a great next step for your student. You can purchase packages of either 4 hours or 8 hours a month to give your student focused group learning experience without all the distractions.

Homeschooling and Distance Learning Coaching

Navigating your student’s education during our challenging times can start to feel overwhelming. You may be wondering whether homeschooling is your best option or how to be certain your child receives a good education through distance or hybrid learning. This unique coaching experience can support you as you navigate school at home and ensure your student keeps growing in learning, confidence, and problem-solving skills no matter where they attend school this fall.

Are you ready to launch your way into tutoring?

If you’re ready to learn more or get started with tutoring, then we’re ready to help. Simply schedule an initial consultation and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions and talk through options for your unique needs.